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How Close is Your Closest Model Store?

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Re: How Close is Your Closest Model Store?


Post by smeg1959 »

Sad indeed re: Hylands. It was a favourite haunt for me in the late 1970's when I worked at Melbourne Uni and caught the train into Flinders Street (the old store was down towards Queen St). Back in those days, they even stocked Rareplane and Airmodel vacforms; I ended up with a Martin B-10, Fokker G-1b and a Bf109Z conversion, albeit all in 1/72 scale and, needless to say, all long gone. Will need to squeeze out a few $$$ and pick up a bargain before the place becomes but a pleasant memory. :cry:
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Re: How Close is Your Closest Model Store?


Post by cowleyi »

Ah, my nearest store is a Mr Toys Toyworld At Burleigh about 17 minute drive or 12km away. No real 1/144 with Tamiya paints in stock. Otherwise its Brisbane. There was a shop in Beenleigh nearly 50km away or over half an hour drive up the motorway but it had no 1/144 and I haven't been there in years. Then it's all over 50km. I just get my stuff from Hobby Search, Hobby Easy or Hannants. Gunze Paints from Mr toys at Springwood (60km drive).

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Re: How Close is Your Closest Model Store?


Post by MerlinJones »

I'm some 20-25 minutes drive from my nearest town, Barrow-in-Furness, which is a 1970s pit, at the end of a long, long, cul-de-sac.
One shop is a Toymaster store, specialising in toys and stationery, with a very, very small selection of mainly Revell and Airfix. More recently, they tried to expand their range with some quality Tamiya, Italeri and eastern European brands, but clearly, (and by her own confession), the staff member responsible didn't have a clue as to what to stock. Needless to say, the number of model kits stocked has since plummeted.
The other shop is a combined Craft and Hobby store, with a generous selection of kits, but with a greater emphasis on railway 'modelling'. The staff are friendly, approachable and clearly listen to the input from their customers. That said, they simply cannot compete, price-wise, with on-line stores and regularly fail to adapt.
For example, I ordered a kit, at their discount price, which was almost as cheap as the cheapest kit on-line.
The kit failed to appear and on-line prices continued to fall. Eventually, I gave up and bought the kit on-line, for a fraction of the original cost.
It appears that they were apparently reliant upon a wholesaler, who allegedly let them down.
When I put it to them that they could've bought the kit themselves, on-line, for a bargain basement price and then offered it to me as part of my original order, charging a little extra for their trouble and to pay the bills, they simply went 'Doh!'. Such missed opportunities are repeated and appear typical of those high street retailers who fail to move with the times and eventually go to the wall. They do have an on-line presence, but it's very primitive and amateurish and they just don't get it.

Both outlets only sell Revell and Airfix 1/144 kits, thiough I did see a 1/144 Roden kit in the craft and hobby shop once upon a time.
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Re: How Close is Your Closest Model Store?


Post by TonyG2 »

Having recently moved away from Sheffield (had lived there for close to 25 years) and back to by home town in Lincolnshire, I had expected to find it a problem but not as bad as it has become.

When in Sheffield there had been a couple of half way decent model shops as well as a chain store model and toy shop in the Meadowhall shopping centre. All of those have now closed anyway and the only remaining options seem to be either a railway hobby store or Games Workshop and a general "hobby and craft" store at Meadowhall.

I worked in Leeds and had found a pretty decent store but it was a major trek to get to it. However there had been an excellent shop in Wakefield. Yep. It closed about three years ago.

Lincolnshire? So far no luck. They used to be everywhere. I was a regular at shops in Louth, Boston and Lincoln where stores such as Castaline (fishing supplies and model kits - go figure), Ashleys and Hobbins had just about everything you could want. Now all gone. There is as far as I know one decent model shop left in the County. In my home town? Nothing. There is a "toy" shop that sells some Airfix kits. But the staff knows NOTHING. I went in for some liquid cement (prefer Tamiya thin but knew that was not happening..) and they presented a bottle that was less than 1/4 full. I pointed this out and they had trouble grasping that was because it had evaporated. It had been on the shelf so long that they had started work there when it was already in that condition and didn't think that there was a problem.

So I guess I am lucky that there is a half way decent shop about 30 miles away but that being said the stock is pedestrian at best but they do have a decent range of glues, fillers and such. Regrettably non of the Tamiya panel line paints. So for most of what I am interested in its by post or nothing...

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