Any build plans for 2018?

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Re: Any build plans for 2018?

Postby smeg1959 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:39

bootneck42 wrote:
mbittner wrote:I just want to freakin' finish something <sigh>.

I'm with you on that!! Mike

My three Ikea display cabinets are strictly "completions only". As they are all smallish, I surreptitiously hide my all my Shelf of Shamers in those little clear boxes that Ferrero Rocher come in.

As is evidenced by a lack of updates in the Vietnam War GB, my modelling has been curtailed for over 5 weeks now due to domestic issues. This situation is unlikely to change until sometime in the New Year. If there is a Modelling Deity, I'll redress the balance in 2018, starting with my Vietnam non-completions. Clearly, the RAF GB will be front and centre, although there are several kits I wanted to start during 2017 but never got around to. When my life becomes less complicated, I'll put together a "hit list" and post it here.
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Re: Any build plans for 2018?

Postby EnzoA » Tue Jan 09, 2018 17:23


-2 Sweet Mustangs
-More and more Hornets
-Platz F-2As
-Platz Doras
-LS Phantoms
-VFA-102 CAGs (2005 and 2010)
-A Growler, this will take time since i'll be adding all the missing features on the Revell kit.
Need. More. Hornets.
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