Heinkel He 219A-6 "Mosquito-Jäger" (Mark I conv.)

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Re: Heinkel He 219A-6 "Mosquito-Jäger" (Mark I conv.)

Postby smeg1959 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 23:36

The 219 definitely looks different in a natural metal finish. Great work, Miguel! I like the white spiral on the red spinners. No doubt that tested your decal application abilities ... it would definitely test mine! ;)
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Re: Heinkel He 219A-6 "Mosquito-Jäger" (Mark I conv.)

Postby Mig88 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 20:10

Thank you all!

Smeg, as I had modified the shape of the spinners there was no way the spiral was going to sit properly so I put it in a way that didn't look too bad, cut off the excess at the rear end a painted the curl at the tip. If I had tried to put it properly then yes, it would have been a real test!! In fact, I have already been thinking that when I do build a "real" machine, I will have to paint the spiral myself since the decal won't conform to the corrected shape of the spinners and that will be fun :lol: !
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