1/144 Mirage IV A - Miniwings

What's in the box and is it any good?

1/144 Mirage IV A - Miniwings

Postby bluedonkey99 » Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:18



1/144 Mirage IV A - Miniwings
The Dassault Mirage IV was a French jet-propelled supersonic strategic bomber and deep-reconnaissance aircraft. Developed by Dassault Aviation, the aircraft entered service with the French Air Force in October 1964. For many years it was a vital part of the nuclear triad of the Force de Frappe, France's nuclear deterrent striking force. The Mirage IV was retired from the nuclear strike role in 1996, and the type was entirely retired from operational service in 2005.


Another great kit, larger than you might expect conforming to the Miniwing signature format and feel being cleanly cast quality resin with no obvious air bubbles. The panel lines on fuselage are very finely cast and provide a good balance between finesse and detailing, and the kit also comes with under wing pylons with drop tanks and the AN-22 Nuclear Bomb!

This kit also includes both VAc-Form and Clear Resin Canopy options and also has a photo-etched sprue for detailing.

It comes with Decals designed by JBR-Decals and printed by the BOA Agency for :
Mirage IVA No.9 EB1/91, Nuclear test South Pacific - July 19 1966
Mirage IVA No.53 'BZ' - ERS 1/91, Iraq Operation TARPAN 2003

This great site provides actual images of the aircraft/squadrons featured in the decal schemes:

Kit Gallery: http://www.miniwing.cz/models_1_144/mini070/mini070.htm

Avaible: March 2014 from http://www.kits-shop.com/index.php free Workdwide Shipping!

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Re: 1/144 Mirage IV A - Miniwings

Postby TonyG2 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 19:52

Bought one of these from Hannants at the Waddington airshow this Sunday. Looks really good. Much better than the old Heller cadet range model.
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