MiniWing Jet Provost T5

What's in the box and is it any good?

MiniWing Jet Provost T5

Postby BigReg » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:21

Once again MiniWings have answered our requests for a state of the art model for either filling a big gap or replacement of an old Vac form model. The kit comes in 3 iterations, 2 Strikemaster boxings and one RAF trainer option. The model comes in an end opening box with a nice rendition of a JP5 on the front and full colour markings for 2 of the 3 decals options on the rear. The box contains 2 complete models each having one sprue in grey plastic and another in very clear plastic. The detail is recessed, very nicely done, and a full cockpit interior. OK there are no control columns, rudder bars, throttles or map cases but a least an instrument panel with a decal to fit and two shapes that can be painted to look like ejection seats.
There are 10 parts crossed out on the instruction sheet but the tip tanks ARE required for the Nav trainer T5B. As hinted in the News section there are no nose strakes and they are required for all the colour options but heck apart from me and Merlin, we are modellers arn't we? (Only joking Merlin)
The sprue gates are small for a short run kit but care will be needed withe fuselage halves as they interfere with the mating surfaces.
The decals are for the JP flown by the Prince of Wales, a T5B of No 6 FTS and a JP5 of the Red Pelicans from the CFS in 1973 ( I saw them that year at RAF North Weald)
This kit is great value and I hope to have a couple in the RAF 100 GB soon.
I have included some pictures of the Welsh models Vac form for your amusement and for Merlin to throw brackbats at.
Note the seat belt decals and walkways are present
Please excuse my poor attempt at a T3!
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Re: MiniWing Jet Provost T5

Postby F_IV » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:56

Nice review, thanks! Miniwing don't make aircraft from my preferred era unfortunately, but I do like to see them here. Mind you if the Hawker Sea Hawk gets a reboot I'd be all over that. Great job on your own Provosts too. Very handsome indeed. :)
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Re: MiniWing Jet Provost T5

Postby MerlinJones » Mon Sep 10, 2018 16:15

I'm sorry, but I can confirm that the Miniwing nose is way off-shape. :(

...And BigReg's Provost is way better than mine.

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Re: MiniWing Jet Provost T5

Postby ajmm » Mon Sep 10, 2018 17:38

Nice review David thank you. I have all three boxings now and looking forward to building one for this GB too.

I have to say I’m converted to Merlin’s view that the nose is a bit skinny and long for the provost. I plan to print 144 plans this evening to measure up against and work out what can be done.

EDIT - if anyone is interested, I've attached some Strikemaster/JP.5 plans rescaled to 144.
Strikemaster plans 144.docx
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Re: MiniWing Jet Provost T5

Postby bluedonkey99 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 22:59

BigReg wrote:The box contains 2 complete models each having one sprue in grey plastic and another in very clear plastic.

Newer boxings appear to have two grey sprues only (judging by the ones i received last week...)
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