P-51D - Eduard vs. Platz

What's in the box and is it any good?

P-51D - Eduard vs. Platz

Postby ajmm » Fri Jan 31, 2020 13:16

Most of us will be familiar with the Platz Mustang - even if you haven't had the pleasure of building one you will probably have seen photos of one of these little jems built up and in many cases looking 1:72 or larger (I discount my builds from this category!). That Eduard is releasing Platz moulds as part of its new Super44 range is brilliant - truly brilliant. I think the Skyhawk and Spitfire releases are excellent - great decal options, plus the addition of canopy masks and the option of the Eduard aftermarket releases. Little more that us 144ists can ask for.

The one weakness of the Eduard Mustang release (to my mind anyway) are the decals. Odd, as decals are usually a strong point for Eduard - very thin but useable, interesting schemes and well printed. However, I can't help but think that the Mustang sheet is a bit of a let down, compared to the superlative Platz Carograf decal sheets. Yes, interesting schemes - for sure. (Or at least two of them are for me). But compared to the Platz Cartograf decal sheets, there is a lot of carrier film (this will probably be noticeable on a natural metal surface, and makes it quite difficult to apply the complex decals on the nose, for instance - that spinner spiral will be hell!). There are also no stencils (despite all the stencils being shown on the colour profiles and being included in the recent Spitfire release). I'm also struck that the Cartograf sheet usually includes more in the way of airframe colouring - i.e. the yellow/black checks would be decals in a Platz release.


But that's it. I'm probably just spoilt by the Platz kit. As I say, it is beyond brilliant that Eduard is releasing these Platz kits. You get:

Lovely surface detail...


Really, really nice instructions and painting guide - with Eduard's usual potted history of each aircraft...


Two injected canopies - crystal clear and impossibly thin - which means you can pose the hood open to show the lovely Eduard etch set if you wish.


I may have mentioned I'm delighted Eduard is releasing these kits. I think it came up before once or twice. I am going to build some of these soon (perhaps next week), so can relate how I get on with the decals, but on first impressions I feel that is the only slight disappointment in this release.

The Eduard kit is good value (less than £10) and, more importantly, readily available outside Japan. If you can get hold of it, Platz kits are probably slightly better value given that you get two kits for around £15, though you lack the canopy masks... I would say that Platz is still harder to find, even though they are reissuing them (coincidentally I see that today they are reissuing the Pacific boxing) - eBay, HobbySearch or HLJ are probably the best bet.

Hope that is of some interest.
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