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BPM AFV models

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 15:40
by moresby
I have just received my package from BPM:

1) Models come wrapped in plain paper (no ziplock), so better be careful when you unwrap them because small parts may spill out.
2) First impression could be bad for the faint hearted: there is a LOT of flash!
Looking at the things you are holding in your hand you may have a hard time finding the shape of your model! Believe or not, this is a M-109SP howitzer!
1 (1).jpg
There can be 'screens' covering the wheels or the track sides -and you wonder if there is actual detail under them or if you got a missprinted model!
1 (2).jpg
OK, don't panic. Actually there is wheel and track detail hidden under all that flash, and even guns gets 'liberated' quite easily: get a cutter and a file and the model comes out like an insect from its chrysalis.
2 (1).jpg
2 (2).jpg
2 (3).jpg
2a (1).jpg
2a (2).jpg
2b (1).jpg
2b (3).jpg
2b (4).jpg
3)What you get is a pretty decent model even if details aren't too crispy and some surfaces show printing lines. Undersides are usually crisscrossed by cable-like lines and you may want to smooth them away with a file.
2b (5).jpg
You'll find there's a lot of discarded plastic!By the way, the photo also shows 2 MGs (not yet 'liberated') coming with the kit.
2b (6).jpg
This is what you get with 5 minutes easy work: of course there is still space for detailing and refinement (gun barrel, muzzle brake, tracks...).
4)Their 12mm models are confirmed 1/144. Some may be a bit oversized, but not as much as many Arrowhead Miniatures ones. My VCC 'Camillino' checks with 1/144 scale dimensions. Here it is near a M-36 tank destroyer: both come with MGs
Conclusion: BPM models are made for wargaming and you can find better -but not cheaper- models from other vendors or Shapeways creators (finer details, less work needed, decals...)but they offer a wide range of subjects, and many haven't been offered in our scale yet.

One more thing: they offer an interesting UH-1 Huey featuring open cabin with interiors and weapons but the pilot cockpit is solid opaque plastic and surface detail isn't good. One could use the interiors and weapons coupling them with F-Toys UH-1h but there could be a brand new, finely detailed 1/144 Huey model kit in the making so better wait for it :D

Re: BPM AFV models

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 8:37
by smeg1959
Excellent review, moresby. I think the "not recommended for novices" warning is highly appropriate here. And I have to admit to a snigger when I saw the "wrapping" ... expected to see a serve of fish and chips! :P

Re: BPM AFV models

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:37
by ID19
Yeah, thanks a lot for the review, very helpful indeed!

Re: BPM AFV models

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:11
by moresby
update: BPM models appear to be hollow and their plastic is relatively soft, so it's not too difficult opening hatches and do other modifications. Here are two of them after a first painting session