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4D Models - A Tale of Utter Confusion

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 5:48
by smeg1959
Popped into Metro today to replenish my CA glue supplies and decided to have a quick sticky at the stock of kits on the shelves. Actually quite reasonable in terms of 1/144 ... well, in Australian terms anyway. I did notice that they'd given up trying to keep these apart from the larger scales, opting to keep all of a manufacturer's product together.

But the items that really caught my eye for all the wrong reasons was a collection of about a dozen kits from a Chinese company called 4D Models. Whilst the boxes were sealed, I suspect these are a form of gashapon. First thing that seemed odd was the claim that the model within was 1/48 scale. To my mind, the boxes seemed a bit small to house something of those dimensions. Maybe they are, who knows.

But the second observation was the clincher that something was truly off. There was an option between an F4U-4 Corsair or five different boxings of a Hurricane. Lo and behold, every Hurricane box featured artwork showing a Spitfire. Moreover, the depicted example of the Spitfire was apparently replicated inside the box with a Hurricane bearing the identical scheme and serials! Consequently, there is a pink Hurricane with the reconn Spitfire code "ZW" and an Israeli Hurricane featuring Ezer Weizman's No. 57!

Couldn't find the range on Metro's site, but this Czech outlet should suffice.
Bizarre with a capital B. :?