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Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:57
by bluedonkey99
these popped up in my inbox as a result of a standing searchin on ebay...
Alhthough up for 11 Euro which roughly eqautes to 1165 Yen / 15 USD / 14 AUD / 10 GBP so dont expect to fine a produce,

It does for obvious reasons have to be one of the largest collection of Italian aircraft out there?

It does have a mixed range of scales aking to a "fix the box" range, incorporating 1/72, 1/100 1/144 and 1/200?
So be careful on the items that you buy

1/44 or 1/200 (?) SM.81
The SM.81 is only a little bit larger than the SM.79, so it would be a shame if they dropped it to 1/200....
The dimensions of the ebay listing match closely to what it should be if it was 1/144

1/144 SM.79

hhmm digging around ... -del-Cielo

oddly, the website says it 1/200 - yet the measurements on the ebay listing do reflect the 1/144 scale dimensions for this aircraft!?

poss 1/144;sid=e4rR9B6GJeTR9lAlhnx95FiZp-VCTy2BDls=?CatalogCategoryID=bW2sEWcVZzcAAAEq9vYTzj4T

There are references to the range on the following forum threads
The manufacturer is Leomodels, which is working with publisher, Fabbri, in yet another of those Altaya, Hachette, etc.-style subscription deals

#26 Fiat BR.20 Cicogna 1/144
#32 Caproni Ca.3 1/144
#34 SIAI Marchetti SM.79 1/144

Moresby, maybe there is more info on some Italin sites?

Re: Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 20:21
by Russ
Wow, thats a new camo scheme on the SM-81 Pipistrello, an overlay on a basic two tone.

Re: Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 20:47
by bluedonkey99
here are some more 'low key' schemes!

Re: Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:38
by smeg1959
There were 50 different models issued covering the history of Italian military aviation (;pgid=IhDue6e7DlhSR0EoKanaRQyv0000kTx8Y8yR;sid=n91nl3Qc99JnlDm4gwvLhzI_rNoSRnbz8JE=?TopCatalogCategoryID=CzqsEWcWFf4AAAEuHTpe2zNd&ShowAllProducts=YES). Most look likely to be 1/72 or 1/100, but it's clearly the Big Birds we're interested in.

I had come across that Ca.3 on evilBay a few months back and the Italian vendor insisted that it was 1/144. The Piaggio P1008 looks likely to be 1/200, but the others? Ebayer cristiang has offered the Altaya range for the past couple of years, and his adverts often contain additional background info (e.g. the unit and theatre of operation relating to the specific aircraft modelled), and he does add that the photographed models are from his personal collection. With that in mind, I would think (and hope) that he'd notice whether the SM79 and SM81 were larger or smaller than their Altaya equivalents.

Whilst I'm reasonably happy with my five Altaya/IXO Regia Aeronautica representatives (BR20, SM79, Piaggio P1008, Cant Z506B and Z1007bis), and will be adding another SM79 to the collection compliments Algernon Product, the SM81 is definitely of interest. Having just re-watched Flight of the Phoenix, the Fairchild C-119 might also be on the shopping list ... if it is 1/144. Reading through the Google-translated "Terms and Conditions", there's nothing I can find stating that Gazzetta Store doesn't deliver outside Italy.

Moresby, can you fill us in further?

Re: Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:56
by moresby
Hmm... I had noticed a line of ready built Italian models on sale but I've seen only 1/100 examples (MB-339 Frecce Tricolori, G-91...); so far: my newspaper seller's kiosk usually exposes the very first numbers (to inform and attract collectioners) of each collection and keeps the following numbers in the back (for regular buyers only: they occupy a lot of space).

I'll ask him if it is possible to get the S-81 back; if not, I'll try with De Agostini: I'm not going to pay a huge sum on an E-bay audition for a model of uncertain scale.

About the models: S-79 looks better painted than the Altaya ones, albeit with some flaw (I haven't checked my files, but Sparviero bomber-not torpedo- units sported the early diagonal band camouflage).

I notice they have chosen the same colour and version for the Piaggio 108 I used for repainting my Altaya one (see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=135&start=10); also, all models are offered in wheels up configuration (except of course S-81 Pipistrello- 'Bat' - which had a fixed landing gear): other interesting subjects -if in 1/144- would be the S-55 and the CANT Z-1007 Bideriva.

I might order a batch (say, 5 or 6) of S-81s from De Agostini and offer them in the swap section, but I (we) need to be sure about the scale...
I'll keep you informed.

Re: Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:00
by 144hack
I am having a bit of a struggle here wondering why in blazes they won't put the damn scale on the product. I don''s just........why wouldn't......oh boy.

Re: Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2011 15:00
by moresby
Totally agreed. I've read on the AmerCom thread their december Do17 should be 1/200: I hope it's a mistake: it has more or less the same dimensions of a Ju-88 and that has been reproduced in 1/144.

About De Agostini: they surely accept registration from foreign customers (registration is mandatory to request past numbers -unfortunately it is only in Italian); of course I haven't tried to order a model using an address outside Italy but I believe it should be possible.
Please feel free to ask if unable to translate anything in the registration/order forms.

Re: Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:21
by smeg1959
The whole "missing scale" thing is annoying to say the least. Over the years along with those items specifically labelled 1/72 or 1/144, Corgi have issued "whatever fits in the package" items with no indication of scale. Whilst obviously not in the same class, Furuta have done likewise. It is very much like the pre-1960's approach taken by Lingberg, Revell, etc. It may have been acceptable back then, but it's a damned nuisance nowadays. I think we've all seen adverts on evilBay where sellers, less educated in scales than the readership of this forum, proclaim "1/72" and "1/144" by default for items that clearly aren't. I even reigned in one guy in the UK who was insisting an entire range of Corgi "fit in the package" items were 1/144.

As I stated elsewhere, I'd be really surprised if the Amercom Do17 was 1/200 after the B-17 was released in 1/144. We all know which is the bigger aircraft in that pairing, and a 1/200 Dornier would scale out about the same size as the PZL P-37.

Moresby, I did notice the "wheels up" approach and was hoping that the undercarriage was supplied separately in the same way Altaya/IXO supplied its propellers. However, cristiantg's advert for the SM79 clearly shows that the undercarriage is moulded in the "up" position so anyone wanting otherwise will be left with some scratchbuilding. Of course, the SM81 isn't a problem in that respect, so I'm hoping like hell that it is 1/144!

Incidentally, whilst we have Amercom in Poland and Leomodels in Italy issuing periodical aircraft-and-magazine releases, I noticed that cristiantg also has an example from De Agostini in Russia, a 1/130 Petlyakov Pe-2. I found the site ( which, because most of the Cyrillic text is in graphics boxes, doesn't translate with Google. Ten aircraft released so far following the progress of Soviet aviation. It's hard to say whether any are 1/144, as this vital piece of info is, again, missing! :( Pity, because a 1/144 Pe-2 would have been welcome (although I'm not enamoured with their effort at 1/130 anyway).

Re: Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:05
by smeg1959
Just did the maths for the SM81 based on published dimensions. The model should be 127.1 mm (a fraction over 5") long with a wingspan of 166.7 mm (a little more than 6 1/2"). According to cristiantg's advert, the model is 4 7/8"long with a wingspan of 6 5/8" ... within measurement error, 1/144. Now I definitely want one! I also looked at the comparative sizes of other aircraft in the range versus the display stand and, assuming the latter doesn't vary in size, I reckon the BR20, SM79, Cant Z1007-bis and S-55 are all 1/144 (or as close as makes no odds). Furthermore, I noted one important difference between the Z1007-bis released by Altaya and this one - the Altaya is the single-tailed model whilst the Leomodel version is the twin-tailed variant. Now I also want an Alcione and an S-55!

OK, so I registered at Gazzetta Store, selected what I wanted and started happily entering the delivery info when, horror of horrors, the site told me that "Australia" is acceptable as the place of registration, BUT the delivery address MUST be in Italy. So, moresby, I think I've answered that one for everybody. :cry:

PS. I've concluded that the Fairchild C-119 is most probably 1/200 as it is considerably larger than the other aircraft listed here, yet the model is definitely smaller than most of them.

Re: Leo Models - Some at 1/144 !?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:28
by greenalfonzo
Did you do the math on the Ca. 3? I'm always on the look out for new WWI warbirds!