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Combat Gliders

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Re: Combat Gliders


Post by F_IV »

Looks gorgeous! And also rather terrifying to actually fly. Good luck with the Horsa too. I’d love to do one of those one day.

And add my vote for a Kirby Cadet! :D

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Flight 10
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Re: Combat Gliders


Post by ID19 »

Nice little plane and particularly nice little dio! Love it! Where are the vehicles from?
That reminds me, I still have a pair of Jach DFS 230, I always wanted to put in an either Crete or Eben Emael dio... too many ideas and too little time..

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Re: Combat Gliders


Post by ajmm »

Thank you all so much! It was a fun quick build.

Smeg - yes, it is the CGD one. I think the only option in this scale. I ordered direct from his website. I’m going to have to make a new canopy as the transparent resin one doesn’t cut it for me (I will after all only ever build one horsa in my life).

Dave - yes, good thinking on the design. I hadn’t thought of that. It was also the lower drag (no wingtip vortices) so it could be a worthwhile flying droptank for the B-29 and presumably have a better glide ratio. But the spar must have featured in the decision. Interesting!

Fritz - thank you, the vehicles are all shapeways. The CCKW tanker is not yet finished but I used it anyway. I can dig out the links for them if you like? The tanker is particularly well done, with a removable cab and a driver.

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Re: Combat Gliders


Post by smeg1959 »

Yes, I recall the "clear" resin canopy and I'd be doing likewise. Reminds me too much of the Airalex "transparencies" which are anything but. Admittedly, I did use Alex's canopy as the basis of my plunge mould for my DH Sea Hornet, after some judicious whittling down to accommodate the thickness of the acetate sheet.

And Fritz, I've got the JACH DFS230 pair, too. My kit was missing the canopies, but Jarda (the man behind JACH) kindly sent me replacements. Definitely on my radar ... ;)
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Re: Combat Gliders


Post by bluedonkey99 »

I'm liking the growing collection of combat gliders.

The Hotspur is also a nice little glider and you can even get a Twin Hotspur with the Anigrand Shetland.

GRA Models do a 1/148-1/150 Horsa, Hamilcar and a WACO (though Miniwing did the WACO and YAK-14) - though they are aimed more at wargaming and need a fair but of work to bring up to scratch.

600 Waco £13.95
601 Horsa £14.95
602 Hamilcar £15.95
606 C47 £17.95
607 Mosquito £11.75
608 Gotha £
609 Short Sky Van
610 Britten Norman Islander £ 22.50
610a Britten Islander with interior £ 24.50
611 H111Z (Wing only) £ 4.95 ... ochure.pdf ... odels.html

Rijk's is the better option I think. ... iwing.html ... -CG-4A.php
I never received a review copy of the YAK

Images from the Army Aircorp Museum (taken @2011 on a point and shoot camera) - Waco, Horsa ,Hamilcar, Hotspur and more...!AuAxjqiecRn1guZLDL4 ... Q?e=3OauKA

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