Polskie Samoloty Wojskowe Kits

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Polskie Samoloty Wojskowe Kits

Postby bluedonkey99 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 13:18

I know that one or two of you have had a go at a couple of the Polish types represented in this collection from Polskie Samoloty Wojskowe...

Interesting builds - especially the "Spitfire" and "Hurricane"
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Re: Polskie Samoloty Wojskowe Kits

Postby smeg1959 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:37

Good ol' Mikro. Obviously Mikro-Mir did not know about this or they might have thought twice about the name they chose. Have to admit that I've never seen the entire boxload built. When I saw photos of the sprues from a distance, I knew the "Spitfire" was ridiculous and seeing the completed entity just reinforces my initial impression. But at least it has elliptical wings. I never saw the "Hurricane" sprues so only had to go by the sniggers of other modellers. What the hell was ZTS Plastyk thinking? I'm trying to find something even vaguely Hurricane-like here. OK, the wheels are round like a Hurricane's, but ... :shock:

The really sad thing is that the rest of the aircraft are home grown Polish birds, several of which haven't appeared anywhere else since in 1/144. Can a Polish manufacturer revisit these types (and others) in the same way Eduard has supported Czech aircraft? We can but hope.
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