Mark_W's Revell Tornado F3s

To celebrate the Centenary of the Royal Air Force, welcome to our first year-long Group Build. With the amalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service on 1 April 1918, the RAF is the oldest air force on the planet, so there is plenty of scope in the Build. Anything RAF-related goes … aircraft, vehicles, boats, personnel, you name it.
Runs from 1 January to 31 December 2018 … no extensions!

Mark_W's Revell Tornado F3s

Postby mark_webster » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:29


I have 2 more Revell Tornado IDS in the stash...and I also have this Dragon boxing of the Tornado F3 Firebirds:
1.0 dragon-boxart.jpg

I built the Dragon F3 some time ago. The Revell kit seems nicer - for instance:
- much better wheels, cockpit and exhausts
- Dragon nose looks a bit weird to me
- Dragon has over-done rivet detail
- Could not get the Dragon canopy to fit!

Then I stumbled across this webpage - a guy managed to convert the Revel 1/32 GR.1 to an F3: ... esin-1.htm

Can this be done in 1/144? Might be a bit crazy, but I thought I'd give it a try!

To make it more interesting, I'm going to try to not use any parts from the Dragon F3 kits. Though I do have this GR.1 "Mig Eater" boxing - I've already used a few parts in my last tornado builds. Might use a few odds and ends in this build:
1.1 dragon mig eater.jpg

I built the forward fuselage and chopped off the nose - no turning back now!
1.2 Nose removed.JPG

Added about 6mm of length to the nosecone. Started sanding them to shape:
1.3 plastic added to nose.JPG

Then added about 4.5mm of extra length to the end of the nose section. Use .7mm thick plastic card and a 5mm tube section:
1.4 extra fuel tank.JPG

Glued on the roughly shaped noses and did a bit of sanding. Looking OK so far:
1.5 fuselage assembled.JPG

You can see here I've used the Dragon GR.1 wings on one of the kits. To me, the Dragon wings look better than the Revell ones - panel lines are finer and look more accurate. Revell wings look slightly too narrow to me. The tailplanes look nicer on the dragon kit as well - thinnner and with better shape.

Added 1.5 mm to the front of the exhausts. Weirdly, the plans I have suggest that the rear fuselage of the Revell kit is too long...if so this step might be unnecessary, and instead I should have moved the tailplanes forward a bit:
1.6 afterburner extension.JPG

I really do prefer a proper cockpit with decal instrument panels to Dragon "robots":
1.7 cockpit.JPG

1.8 cockpit.JPG

For one model I got a bit carried away with sanding the nose, broke through the plastic on the nosecone and needed to putty up. Regardless, I think the noses are an improvement on the Dragon kit.

Here you see the mods on the tail section. Added plastic card to the base of the fin to allow for the different shape of the F3 tail. Also, I've added plastic to the base of the elevators for the teardrop shaped plates. Seems to work better than my previous efforts...
1.9 tail mods.JPG

I want to make one of the F3's fairly clean without under fuselage missiles (an airshow bird). The front missiles are recessed - made the groove using a round file. Made guides from layered sticky tape. A bit nerve-wracking but pretty happy with the result. Only did one plane as I'm planning on sanding down the missiles rather than making the recess for the other.

Made the rear missile pylons from plastic card.
1.10 missile bays.JPG

Main construction is now done - the green plastic really shows off the parts which have been added from plastic card!

Also added:
- upper fuselage light
- tail strakes
- intake below the fuselage
- sharper wing leading edges

- front tailplane intake(?)
- filled RHS gun
- filled multiple holes for the pylons under fuselage and wings which aren't applicable to the F.3

1.11 main construction done top.JPG
1.12 main construction done bottom.JPG

It's taken a fair amount of effort so far - not sure if it's the best way to make an accurate F3, but it's been fun! Should be downhill from here with any luck...

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Re: Mark_W's Revell Tornado F3s

Postby MerlinJones » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:41

Cool project and your thoughtful step-by-step photos are inspirational.
As far as I'm concerned, the Dragon Tonka are only good for decals and ordnance.
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Re: Mark_W's Revell Tornado F3s

Postby F_IV » Mon Jul 09, 2018 13:33

Nice work Mark. Definitely my sort of build ;)
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Re: Mark_W's Revell Tornado F3s

Postby ajmm » Mon Jul 09, 2018 18:35

Nice! Enjoying this a lot. Thanks for showing your working.

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