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Problems with J Wings Decals

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Problems with J Wings Decals


Post by TonyG2 »

Not had this happen before but I was working on a JWings F-18C (USMC Lancers low-vis scheme) which I have had in the stash for some time and found that the decals were breaking up after being dunked in the water. For example the "Marines" markings split in two "Mar" and "Ines"....

OK so it was an easy fix but frustrating and happened to nearly all the markings especially the black panelling either side of the cockpit. I got hold of some Micro Liquid Decal Film and a single coat seems to have fixed the problem this time.

I was wondering if this is an issue with ageing J Wings decals and it may be prudent to apply some decal film as a pre-emptive measure on future builds?

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