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Model storage

Need some advice, got a good weathering tip, discovered some great paints or tools?
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Re: Model storage


Post by smeg1959 »

BigReg wrote:
Tue Aug 25, 2020 7:34
Whatever you do, do not use millions of tiny polystyrene balls.........ask me how I know.
The evil spawn of the Carpet Monster! :twisted:

Great tip, Fritz. Whilst I did use foam when I transported my collection after parting ways with SWMBO, I didn't use toothpicks to stop them sliding about and, seeing this, I really wish I had. Fortunately, most of the breaks that did occur were minor and the vast majority of bits were relocated in the boxes used for transportation. Moreover, I was only moving some 11 km away and transported a box or two each time.

Glad to see you are not departing Planet Earth! And the question you pose yourself re: the whereabouts of a certain He162? Despite looking everywhere after I relocated, a collection of bits I was working on somehow slipped through a wormhole in space, as they are not with SWMBO nor did they make it to my new abode ... :cry:
OTB ...
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