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Melamine Sponges and F-Toys Decals

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Melamine Sponges and F-Toys Decals


Post by bluedonkey99 »

Interesting set of tweets,which in turn where retweeted by F-Toys themeselved

A method to reduce the thickness and gloss of Eftoys decals by half.

① Attach decals with mark softer and setter.
② Rub decal surface with melamine sponge soaked in water.
③ Completed when the step of the decal disappears and the surface becomes semi-glossy.

- one of the other posts reminds modellers to use melamine sponges in a ventilated room, due to the need to avoid inhaling the micro particles.
- turns out these are basis for:
'Magic Eraser' - basically fine sander
'Magic Cleaning' type sponges - these tend to have cleaning fluid infused

- I'd test it on some donor decals before trying on your pride and joy
melamine sponges.jpg

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