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A Definitive 1/144 List of Sci-Fi Models

Doesn't matter if it is factual or fictional, if it's out of this world, it goes here!
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Re: A Definitive 1/144 List of Sci-Fi Models


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Thanks. I know the basic plot issues but could find very little detail on the mecha. For some reason the Dougram series seems to have been more prominent. A friend of mine has multiple back issues of HobbyJapan magazine but - of course - its largely in Japanese.....
the YF-19 (traditional manned pilot)
Bandai did a very good 1/72 kit of this (and the YF-22) but the closest they came in 1/144 kits was the VF-19 Fire Valkyrie from the series Macross 7

This one along with two or three others has already been listed. I dont really like the red colour scheme but have one which I will one day get around to pointing in the Macross Plus colour scheme

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