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Cricket and the Bangladesh Air Force

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Cricket and the Bangladesh Air Force


Post by smeg1959 »

I'll preface this post by saying I'm not going to mention The Ashes to all my friends in England, and I don't mean to get any Kiwi members offside. Today was a huge day for Bangladeshi cricket, as they finally beat another Test-playing nation away from home, with an 8-wicket win against New Zealand at Mount Maunganui. The Man of the Match was a medium-fast bowler by the name of Ebadot Hossain, a player even a lot of Bangladeshi fans had never heard of. In the second innings, he took a match-turning 6 wickets for 46 runs.

OK, so what's the link with his country's air force. Well, he is still an active serviceman in the BAF and, as a good soldier, he stands to attention and salutes every time he takes a wicket!

Ebadot Hossain.jpg

Reckon he'll have modelers reaching for a MiG-29 or Chengdu F-7 and finishing it with red-and-green roundels! ;)

BAF Mig-29A.jpg
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Re: Cricket and the Bangladesh Air Force


Post by BigReg »

I thought you said you wouldn't mention the Ashes?? Anyway well done the Aussies.


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