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Red Dwarf Redux

any old chit-chat?
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Ryan B.
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Red Dwarf Redux


Post by Ryan B. »

Smeg, I'm sure you know about this: ... eOwmomGtdc

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Re: Red Dwarf Redux


Post by smeg1959 »

I knew Season 13 was in the pipeline, though exactly how far along I wasn't sure. Incidentally, from a modelling perspective, one of the Extras on the Season 11 DVD included a mini-documentary on the models used and how they were filmed. Interestingly, after some issues in an earlier season where the large scale Starbug was damaged when one "simulated crash" really did make an impact, during season 11, they had two Starbugs, one for stationary poses and normal flight, the second for crashes. The latter was almost completely a large scale 3D print so, if anything got damaged during shooting, they simply printed a replacement section and painted it up accordingly.

Wish they'd let me borrow the STL file so I could do a 1/144 rendition. Those options which are currently available on Shapeways are a bit so-so IMHO.
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