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Cossor Airfield Radar

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Cossor Airfield Radar


Post by bluedonkey99 »

Cosser Airfield Radar - shoreham aerdrome.jpg
An interesting picture (false colour) from the early 1950s. Cossor where a UK manufacturer of electronics and displays, one of their notable contributions other than the first UK TV was their involvement of the "Chain Home" radar defence network. Ultimately the became part of Raytheon.

What we have here is an image of a "Demonstration Vehicle" at (my local) Shoreham Aerodrome (The first commercial purpose built aerodrome in Britain, opened in 1911 - lovely 'Art Deco' style building) used to demonstrate their Airfield Control Radar equipment on the potential customer site.

The ACR concept was developed my Cossor and enabled continuous monitoring and coordination of the airspace, the rotating beam illuminated all aircraft within a 30 mile radius upto 5,000 feet. It could also show clearly hills and rain clouds. It operated on 3cm & 10cm wavelengths. Other systems where subsequently available from Decca and other manufactures. ... &pageNum=2

Although for a Decca produced system, I'd surmise that the fix controls would like pretty similar!?
deca 424 OPS.jpg

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