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Covert Shores - Submarine and Submersibles

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Covert Shores - Submarine and Submersibles


Post by bluedonkey99 »

So this is weird, some how I ended up on these two websites this weekend and I have already lost hours becoming engrossed in the content!

I know that submarines from a military modeller's perspective are almost on a par with those boring white tubes that carry tourists around the world. However, this site has just have me gripped following one link after another

Nuclear, diesel, stealth, UUV, innovation, secret bases, Covert ops, Smugglers/vice etc - with context and narrative on future, current and Historical developments.

Covert Shores

Jive Turkey / Sub Reports ... sK9GtzM5dQ
An ex USN submariner with fascinating insight and analysis of all matters submarine, including various 'submarine' incidents around the world.

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Re: Covert Shores - Submarine and Submersibles


Post by smeg1959 »

The Covert Shores' T-shirts are pretty snazzy, too! ;)
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