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French Air Force, changes its name!

any old chit-chat?
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French Air Force, changes its name!


Post by bluedonkey99 »

Armee de L'Air is to become Armee de L'Air et de L'Espace ... ce/le-logo (FR) ... e_(France)

Hopefully, in the UK we'll corner the "Royal Space Force" naming :D in anticipation for future 'Space Opera novella's' :lol: :lol: - although, that name was used in the anime "wings of the Honneamise"

Warren Ellis's graphic novels did float the 'Ministry of Space' quite effectively - including some great logos/roundels

if the US Space Force log can 'be influenced' by Star Trek

and the Japanese "space defence unit" looks a bit NATO Like and i recall at the launch (no pun intended) that Japanesse twitter users where comparing it to various anime logos?

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