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Decal suppliers - aftermarket, master list

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Decal suppliers - aftermarket, master list


Post by Russ »

Here is a recently compiled list from general topics area discussion.
Most contributed by AntSizedMan and BD99.

MYK Design Decals

Rocketter Decals

Liliput Air Force ... dex-e.html

AAA Hobby Supply

JBOT Decals


Daco Products

Starfighter Decals

XtraDecal ... PerPage=25

Fightertown Decals

Owl Czech ... eritko=144


Morumooto Waawasu / Morouworks (are they still going, got some intererting stuff?)

Hawkeye Models

Blue Rider

IsraDecal Studio

Dom's Decals ... shopscript

BestFong Decal

Freightdog Models ... e91228b8bb


Lift Here! Decals

Hahen ... 200fk5gh62

Aussie Decal
Also trade as Novascale on eBay.

Draw Decals

Max Decals

Syhart Decals ... -848-p.asp

Authentic Decals

Aztec Models

Boa Agency

Colorado Decals

Rose Ridge

Flying Papa ... CLIST.html

Peddinghaus Decals ... t&Itemid=1



Flying Colors



Legato / AZ Models

Lima November

Skyline Decals (seems to be Daco)

4+ / Mark 1 Guide
A growing range of generic sheets of roundels, swastikas, codes, etc. A good option if you're not happy with the quality of ALPS alternatives.

TwoSixSilk ... Categories

Tiger Wings (has some ariliner but not listed) ... ctlist.htm

Welsh Models

S&M Decs

Rose Ridge

Flying Papa ... CLIST.html

True North @ Old Glory - ... Miniatures
These are pretty nice, dont expect a big sheet, what you see is what you get.
I will need to double check to see if there proper screen prints or alps style, the colour register is good so it maybe the former.

also do decal sets linked to their kits

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Re: Decal suppliers - aftermarket, master list


Post by mike_m »

Kits World have started doing some sets


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Re: Decal suppliers - aftermarket, master list


Post by erix700 »

Flevodecal does a number of great 1/144 scale Royal Netherlands Air Force sets

and I have some nice 1/144 sets by Model Art (Hunters, RAF serials, RAF/RN Lo-viz serials and roundels), but I don't see those listed on their site any more

-- Eric.

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Re: Decal suppliers - aftermarket, master list


Post by machinehead »

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Re: Decal suppliers - aftermarket, master list


Post by Josh1971 »

GAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Aztec needs to make some of those sheets in 1/144! :o They barely have any anymore.


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