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Platz Modern Acft Wpn Set 1 (AW-1)

What's in the box and is it any good?
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Re: Platz Modern Acft Wpn Set 1 (AW-1)


Post by A4arg »

I finally got the 3 sets and the jsdf one (for a total of 4).
Since I am not an expert, I can't answer if the parts are technically correct. But they are a must since many of platz kits, does not include weapons, and I wasn't able to get the old LS/Arii ones.
What I can give you is my opinion that the set looks OK, thin fins, nice molding and decals..... but I got the feeling that Platz guys thoughts was "why should we offer a complete set, if they will have to pay several times for the same incomplete one...." I mean, the number of parts per set makes me wonder that they put only one sprue instead of 2 (each AW set has 2 different sprues, 1 each, and the Jsdf has 3 identical ones. The jsdf cost about 800 yens and the others 1200. All sets are nicely packed in the small size platz side opening box (as in ww 2 propeller kits)
At 1600 yens, the Pit Road kits looks expensive, but they offer much more for that money. They come in a bag instead of a box.

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