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One map- Holy cow

What's in the box and is it any good?
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One map- Holy cow


Post by Josh1971 »

Uh... ok, so this will help out my little plastic air force. Someone referred me to this one map site in Japan which, ok, is sometimes hard to understand- it's an auction site...(?) Maybe?

But whatever it is, the reason I was referred there was for a couple of different items. Namely, they have F-15 wing pylons with missile rails and fuel tanks, and they have two different sets of F-35 wing pylons: A set of pylons, and a set of pylons, 2 of which are mounted with fuel tanks.


Sure, I ordered them back in like... February and they just arrived today, but it's worth the wait. So that I have the next ones by Halloween, I'm going to order more of both items to equip the fleet with. I bought other F-35 pylons from a different site, and they even came with some weapons, but...

1. The pylons from the other site require you to A. come up with your own missile launch rail for the outers, and B. Only provided seeker head and fins for the AIM-9X- you had to fasten those to your own missile body.

2. The other site's are more expensive (These from One Map were about $5USD per set).

Now I'll admit- the detail on both sets of F-35 pylons is scanty, but then, the kits aren't exactly super accurate either, since they were all early on from the F-35's development. But until we get a new series of kits? I'll be happy to have pylons with the general shape ok.

Anyhow- just thought I'd share. ... 087708325/

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