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Yao's Studios 'Dave' and 'Jake'

What's in the box and is it any good?
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Yao's Studios 'Dave' and 'Jake'


Post by Sergei »

My latest consignment from Mr Yao arrived this week - the Aichi E13A "Jake' and the Nakajima E8N 'Dave'. Good and bad.

The good is the level of detail and the finesse with which both have been printed. On the 'Jake' not only is there a control column but the instrument panel is printed as well.

The 'Dave' comes in eight sections: the fuselage and the wing centre sections; the two outer wing pairs (the struts and rigging are printed with the wing sections); the prop; the centre float; the two wing floats; and a machine gun. It is hard to see what cockpit detail there is as the pilot's position is underneath the top wing centre section.

The 'Jake' comes - I think*- in six parts: the fuselage, wings and floats; the prop; the canopy; a couple of bombs on bomb racks; and a machine gun.

The bad. Delivery took over six weeks and although the two boxes were well packed that length of delivery provided plenty of opportunity to treat the models like a pair of maracas. Hence the "I think*" because the 'Jake' suffered particularly and I have had to scratch-build the float struts and rigging. Paper clips and florists' wire to the rescue.

Another not-so-good aspect - although not a major issue - is that the resin is not full cured. A couple of days on a window sill in direct sunlight will solve the problem, although we are not getting a vast amount of sun in Scotland at the moment!

Both models are recommended and the 'Jake' in particular is a vast improvement on the Minicraft kit, although that is not hard!

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