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Revell (ex-Dragon) 1/144 General Dynamics F-16A

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 22:06
by MerlinJones
Some of the initial building of this model can be seen within my Revell 1/144 Hawker Hunter "Blitzbau".

The F-16A was an old Dragon kit in a previous life and is somewhat inaccurate in many details.
I thought the canopy was on, back to front, when I first saw it...a dry-fit showed me otherwise.
The front of the canopy has a flat edge, which fits into a correspondng flat
edge on the fuselage. There s also a scribed canopy frame, that I painted in.

The tailplanes are the wrong shape, the nose is mis-shaped and the belly intake is way too flat...etc..

Many of the older 1/144's only paid lip-service to canopies and these tend to be the consistent weak point in such kits.

The all-new Trumpeter1/144 Raptor canopy is one-piece with its surrounding framing...with the frame solid and the glass transparent.

Revell (ex-Dragon) 1/144 General Dynamics F-16A, 79th Fighter Squadron, 1997