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Tiny Tonkas - The Panavia Tornado In 1/144

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Re: Tiny Tonkas - The Panavia Tornado In 1/144


Post by MerlinJones »

smeg1959 wrote:The completed quartet have come up a treat. Let's see how the Blitzbau goes ... good luck! :D
bootneck42 wrote:Ah! nice blitzbuild; and a face to a name to boot!

Nice to see (the kit, that is).

Sorry guys...I should've made it clear from the outset that this is from my archive and not current. I'd've sworn I'd posted all of this in here previously and, given the recent Tonka-related query, decided it may be of use.
That said, appreciation is always appreciated and Bootneck...what's not nice about my face!?! :D
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Re: Tiny Tonkas - The Panavia Tornado In 1/144


Post by smeg1959 »

Don't know how I missed returning to this thread earlier than this. Oh well, never mind. What a great collection of mini Tornadoes! Particularly impressed with your success under Blitzbau conditions. You are more game than me with the application of multiple overlapping paint colours. Even with a fan heater pushing things along, I tremble at the thought of applying one colour over another without at least 12 hour's drying time in between. And that is with acrylics.
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