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Welsh Models 1/144 Hawker Siddeley Andover C.Mk.1 (2017)

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Re: Welsh Models 1/144 Hawker Siddeley Andover C.Mk.1 (2017)


Post by smeg1959 »

With all the apparent purchases from one Bruce Leyland-Jones, I'm sure Welsh Models are glad they switched from vacform to resin, too! My only wish is that Welsh had made the fuselage hollow. Not only would it be easier to work with (and avoid the potential of tailsitting), it would also have been a helluva lot cheaper.

With the exception of black replacing azure blue, the scheme is so reminiscent of the Desert Air Force during WW2, one of my fave camo patterns. So it goes without saying that I really like your build here. Thumbs up! :D
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