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Jonathan's Black and White Orions (LS)

Inform everyone of your entries on the "Shelf of Shame" then make the commitment to finish the kit(s) within a set timeframe, proving completion with photographic evidence.
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Jonathan's Black and White Orions (LS)


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These, I left off after the Paint It Black group build.
shelf 001.jpg
The black one needs a polishing and a final coat of gloss black, then the decals, which i have already made, and the landing gear made.
The white one needs to be masked for the dark gray lower areas, and then on from there. havent made any decals yet.
Mercifully the cockpit masks are done, so it shouldnt take long to add these to the roster - :mrgreen:
8 weeks should do it, or i'll say, midsummersday.

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