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Antarctic Snow Cruiser with Staggerwing

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Re: Antarctic Snow Cruiser with Staggerwing


Post by teddybeer »

It's so beautiful that I'm sick of it .... :mrgreen:
I have a model in the process of being assembled and now I am going to put it away in a cupboard ...... :? :?
Come on, I take a good book, a glass of beer and I rest for a few years .... :) :D :lol:
Or maybe I'll drink something stronger ....

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Re: Antarctic Snow Cruiser with Staggerwing


Post by MC84 »

smeg1959 wrote:
Mon Aug 24, 2020 4:38
And I forgot to commend you on the Basler BT-67 (the designation given to this turboprop conversion of the good ol' DC-3). Gorgeous! :mrgreen:
Thanks! Here are more Pictures (but only German Text): ... p?id=14450


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