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Steyr RSO/01 & leFH 18 - Armory Models - 1/144

If it relates to Terra Firma, wheeled, tracked or booted - man or machine on the land - it goes here!
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Re: Steyr RSO/01 & leFH 18 - Armory Models - 1/144


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smeg1959 wrote:
Fri Feb 03, 2023 12:51
The secret is out. The Canadian Mint also makes 1 Yuan coins! :lol:


Actually, we are delighted to see models like this that aren't readily available. If the original 3D print was as bad as you say, then you have certainly performed some amazing magic upon it.
Hahahahahaha! Amazing! Canada also has this kind of thing!
In China, people often use this to make fun of me.

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Re: Steyr RSO/01 & leFH 18 - Armory Models - 1/144


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I hadn't noticed the post up till now.... Wow! that is very very good....


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