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Mark1 (re)releases - April 2024

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JV 144 6 Star
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Mark1 (re)releases - April 2024


Post by ajmm »

Mark1 are insatiable, something I cannot fault in a 144 kit maker.

New Kits
DH Sea Venom FAW.21/53/ECM.22 ‘RN and RAN Service’

Image ... n-service/

Slightly samey, this release it must be said. Still.

DMS07 Identification lights and landing lamps 4/2024
DMK144112 SAAF ‘Springbok and Castle’ insignia (1958-81), 2 sets 4/2024
DMF14424 Cuban Sea Fury 4/2024

I'd wondered why they'd missed out Cuba in their many Sea Fury boxings - about the only operator they did omit.

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JV 144 6 Star
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Re: Mark1 (re)releases - April 2024


Post by smeg1959 »

I'm just hoping a lot of these releases are less problematic than, say, the Mosquito or, as I am discovering to my detriment, the Lavochkin La-7.
OTB ...
GB20 - Lavochkin La-7 (Mark I)
GB25 - Vickers Windsor (Anigrand), Curtiss P-40M Kittyhawk III (AFV Club)
SoS - Douglas C-47B Dakota (Minicraft) and several others :-(

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