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Ukrainian Seagull - Mig88's A-model Be-12

The present situation in the Ukraine has impacted many of us far more than we might have imagined. This Group Build is therefore a celebration of the positive impact the Ukraine has had upon our modelling world. A build of any kit from a Ukrainian manufacturer is welcome here. A build of any Ukrainian subject, irrespective of the origin of the kit, is also most welcome. For obvious reasons, the one limitation is that the build does NOT feature any weapons involved in the current conflict. If in doubt, just ask.
Runs from 20 March 2022 to the end of the current conflict.
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Re: Ukrainian Seagull - Mig88's A-model Be-12


Post by ajmm »

Superb! That is looking absolutely fantastic.

I too have found Amodel instructions lacking when it comes to decal placement in the past. Scalemates has occasionally helped by providing the usually better instructions for another larger scale model, but that is probably no good here. Photos or bust.

Despite the difficulties it really is looking incredible.

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