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1/144th B-17F "Wolf Pack"

Be it a tree, a bridge, a building or a nodding dog, this is the place!
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Warbird Kid
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Flight #144
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1/144th B-17F "Wolf Pack"


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Heres one in production:

Wolf Pack - Boeing B-17F 42-29723
384th Bomb Group - 8th Air Force
Grafton-Underwood Airfield
United Kingdom - 1943-1944



Heres the problem, there we're no J-type hangars like the one I scratch built onto this model that was present at Grafton-Underwood. :evil: Thats what I get for not fact checking and researching. :roll: SO the 17 will be going onto another base while I'll do a bit more research to find a hangar like this (Either Germany, England, France, etc, and then model an appropriate aircraft to it. Kind of backwards right?

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