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Query on old (2007) models - available?

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Re: Query on old (2007) models - available?


Post by smeg1959 »

I agree, Miguel. It's sometimes a lottery as to the history of an F-Toys' release. More often than not, it is them and them alone, but the occasional issue - particularly early on - had its origins elsewhere.

As to those auction prices, I'm not surprised by the Shinden. Of Wing Kit Collection Vol 1, it was easily the most popular, yet it was produced in the lowest numbers. If you bought the blind box of 10, apparently you got 1 and 1 only, whereas you would end up with at least 2 of something else. Almost ended up as rare as the "secret" releases for that series.

And the prices for the Canvas/Cambus Shinden, Senden and Senden-Kai are jaw-dropping. Whilst they are way better than Furuta, they are still push-together "egg toys" with no undercarriage. I suspect the jet-engined variant of the Shinden (ostensibly a J7W2 Shinden-Kai) which was Number 4 in the set of 12 might go for even more.
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