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1/144 Klagenfurst Kf-255 - Retro Kit

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1/144 Klagenfurst Kf-255 - Retro Kit


Post by bluedonkey99 »

1/144 Klagenfurst Kf-255 - Retro Kit

an interesting "What if" / "Fake"

1/144 kit, the Klagenfurst Kf-255, which will be including the launch trolley and decals for two aircraft. ... =3&theater

coming soon....

additional information and images from

One of the better known “fakes” that has sometimes been understood to be real is the “Klagenfurt Klf 255.” This was originally published in the French aviation magazine “Fana de l’Aviation” as an April Fools gag in 1973. Supposedly a wartime German design for a rocket powered interceptor, the diagrams are actually reasonably convincing, as are the pre-Photoshop fake photos… but it was nevertheless pure fiction.

Le Fana de l'Aviation 1973-04. Jean-Michel Lefebvre ... 43--121905

and here on this Russian site (you will need to use google/bing translate to read the (fake) narrative:

klf-255 img.jpg

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Re: 1/144 Klagenfurst Kf-255 - Retro Kit


Post by smeg1959 »

I know some modellers - even Luftwaffe fanatics - aren't big into what is commonly referred to as "Luft 46" territory. Arnold from Anigrand certainly isn't one of those. And, whilst there's a lot of "real" aircraft I want to see (instantly thinks of all those FAA aircraft a number of us having been longing for), I'm not going to kick RetroKit for a kit depicting something that never existed. Their prerogative. Actually looks pretty snazzy!
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